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About Me

Laura Wilson, Artist

Hi. My name is Laura Wilson

I live with my two lovely daughters and long suffering husband, at Pukeroa Estate in Waipukurau. We are surrounded by stunning views of the Tuki Tuki river and the Ruahine ranges which gives us beautiful snow-capped mountains in winter. 

I was one of those kids growing up who was always drawing and painting. I did art all through school but like many others never considered I could make a living being an artist. I instead became a teacher, then marriage and children came along.

But the artist in me was never quiet for long and I would have bursts of creativity over the years. As I get older the artist in me gets louder saying “Come on, what are you waiting for. Hurry up and get on with it."  

So since 2015 I have been a full time artist.

It’s hard work and sometimes frustrating when the vision in my head just won’t work the way I want on the canvas. 

It’s also a lot of fun, very satisfying and becoming essential for my well-being. I just have to go and paint. 

I love to experiment, try different techniques and am always learning new things.

I enjoy painting landscapes, birds, flowers and abstracts. But also enjoy the challenge of trying something new.

I want to say something about me and how I feel in my painting. Sometimes it will just be an idea that pops into my head when I am walking the dog or those nights when my mind won’t be quiet because of all the ideas running around in there, that just have to be painted. One idea always seems to lead to another. So many ideas and not enough hours in the day! 

I hope you enjoy. I am certainly doing so in creating the art.

 Gold Star Work is the name of Laura's gallery at Pukeora 
Remote Works is the business name for Paul & Laura's partnership