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Save Money, Make Your Own Stay Wet Palette.

acrylic Painting Technique

One of the great things I like about acrylic paint is that it dries quickly but not when it's still on your palette before you even get to paint with it.

You can always go and buy a stay wet palette but they are so easy to make and you will more than likely have everything you need already at home.

The palette on the cover photo I have now been using for three weeks and even the thin paint is still wet!


Old towel

Air tight container

Baking paper

Water/ spray bottle

That's all you need ! Choose a plastic container that is as shallow as you can find. Like you would use for storing biscuits in. Choose any size that suits the size of palette you like. I like a big Palette but I use a smaller one when I am painting away from home.


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Step 1

Cut the old towel to the size of the bottom of your container and run it under the tap then squeeze all the excess water out.

Step 2

Cut a piece of baking paper to the same size and place over the towel.


The baking paper works well as it stays intact even as it gets damp and as long as you are not scrubbing it hard with your brush shouldn't get any holes in it.  

Step 3

Start using. You can put your paints on it. Mix directly onto it or mix your paints separably then put them on your palette. Whatever way suits how you like to paint.

Step 4

When you have finished painting for a bit lightly spray with water and seal the lid.

Apart from any really thin layers of paint your paints will stay nice and wet for next time. If you are not going to be painting for a few days depending on the weather it is a good idea to give it a water spray every couple of days.

 No more trying to match up your paint colours each time you paint and when you have finished a painting you can keep the palette for a bit until you are sure there are no more little adjustments to be made.

After a bit the towel can start to get a little smelly but you can just give it a wash. You will have plenty of towel left over to have a spare bit to swap with in between washes.

Depending on how tidy you are on your palette if you are doing multiple paintings with the same colours you can just keep using the same paint. Then again if you are starting a painting with different colours just throw away the baking paper, rinse out your towel and start again.

If like me you hate to waste paint you can transfer any left over colours that you will need again onto the new paper before you throw the old one out.

Another paint saving trick I use is to mix the rest of the leftover colours together to make grey and store in a small airtight jar. Then if you need some quick grey colour you have some already made.  

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