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Bubble Inspired Painting. Using paper towels for interesting Background effects.

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Trying out different background colours changes the whole feel of these bubble paintings. As always with acrylic paintings, for me it's all about layers. I thought I would combine it with showing you how to use paper towels to make easy and interesting backgrounds for your paintings.

Large Bubbles in Red

I  have been wanting to try out painting bubbles for a while now. Then when I was looking at my bedroom the other day I decided I wanted to put a new painting in there after selling the last one I had of red Poppies. I wanted one that would fit in with my colour scheme of different shades of red, I was thinking about what subject to paint that I would like in my bedroom. Bubbles came to mind. I hadn't painted bubbles before so a bit of practice was in order before I started on a large version.

 I studied some photos of real bubbles to see how the colours reflected in the bubbles from the background and also looked at how other people approached painting bubbles. I noticed that although the bubbles reflected the colours of the background they also showed those colours compliment. That is the colour opposite on the colour wheel as a highlight or a shadow. Now these paintings are inspired by bubbles not realistic bubble paintings so I could really experiment with colours and have some fun with them.  Alot of the demonstration ones I looked at were done on a black background which I didn't want to do. But I figured that just doing a dark background would achieve a similar effect. I started with a background of blue and purple to figure out my technique. 

Bubbles in Purple

I painted in some bubbles using white paint then going over with the colours. But didn't like the effect. They stood out to much and felt to heavy for light airy bubbles. So I glazed over these with pink and purple paint mixed with glazing medium. This gave a great effect of background or distance bubbles. I then did another layer of bubbles for the foreground. I used iridescent medium to paint in the first layer on these bubbles and then sparingly put in the colours and the white. Yes success, this turned out to be the way to do it. I have talked about using iridescent medium before on Painting dragonflies. Step by step instructions for painting the wings if you want to see other ways to use this. 

Now I had a good idea of the method I wanted to use I decided to try a small version of the red colour scheme I wanted for the bedroom, as I felt the colours could be a bit unusual for the subject. I also wanted to experiment with some interference paints on the background to add a bit more interest. 

Small Bubbles in Red

I was really happy with the results of this one and now was ready to tackle a larger version of this. Of cause because of the fluid nature of this style of doing backgrounds it would not look the same but that's okay as I just wanted the concept and method.

This paper towel background is so easy but really effective you need have no skill at all in painting. I show you how to do it on the video.

After doing this one I also decided on a matt varnish over the whole painting then just going over the bubbles with a gloss varnish to really enhance the effect. In this photo I am showing you how the iridescent medium and gloss varnish changes the look of the bubbles depending on how the light hits it. 


Light hitting the iridescent medium and gloss varnish on the bubbles 

After I had done my large red bubble painting for my bedroom I decided I wanted to try out a few more different coloured backgrounds. 

I did this one with the green and blue background. Like the garden was behind the bubbles.

Bubbles in Green

 Next I think I will try a light blue like the sky and see how I can do the bubbles on that. Then I'm going to try a pink one. I think a series of these little ones altogether on the wall would look great. 

Let me know if you would like an in-depth video or blog on how to paint the bubbles themselves and I would be happy to do one.

So now I have a great painting for my bedroom wall. Unless I sell it of cause! But then I just have the pleasure of painting something new.


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