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Picture Tutorial of Twirling fire Coloured Galaxy Girl.

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Step by step Picture tutorial of a twirling galaxy girl in acrylic paint.
You can use any colours for painting these Galaxy girls. I am showing you the general method I have used. You will learn to glaze and build up depth using layers. Glazing as I have talked about before is a very useful technique to have in your tool box.
Step 1: Draw your outline of the girls body and get the sweeping lines in for the twirling movement. Paint the back ground in a grey making it lighter at the top than the bottom.
I made this grey using ultramarine blue and burnt sienna with white added.
Step 2: Put in your yellows and oranges where you want them the brightest. I wanted more yellows on the top of her dress in this case. Now working from the bottom using your grey you made with the ultramarine blue and burnt sienna with no white added. Put in your dark accents in the dress.
Step 3: Paint in her hair and body. In the video below you will see how I build up skin tones and hair colour in layers.
Step 4: Decide where you want the stars to go and put ripped up tissue over areas you don't want them. Now using a brush or tooth brush flick on the stars with watered down white paint.. Take off the paper towel to revel
Step 5: Put in the girls top and any shadows on her body you have missed.
Step 6: Using glazing medium. Here I have used Clear Painting Medium . Mix this with your yellow and your orange and glaze over some of the stars to blend them in with the picture. In this painting I have blended more at the top and I have left more white stars at the bottom. Although I have used some of the red/orange to add some colour in the bottom of the dress which is showing up purple with the under layers shining through. 
I have also touched up her hair where there were to many stars. 
I have included here my Moon Girl Video  so you can see the methods I have used. I hope this will help you see you can put your of interpretation and colours on these girls. Once you get the hang of the method you can let your imagination run wild.
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