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Painting in a meaningful way, Do I need a message behind my art?

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Do you need a deep meaningful message each time you paint to be considered a "good artist" Well no I don't think so.

Sometimes my paintings do come from a deep emotional place but other times they can be just for fun and I don't think there is anything wrong with that.  In fact if my painting makes someone else feel happy then what a great thing that would be.

Sometimes when I paint I am painting to learn and improve my skills. Mastering a technique or exploring different ideas all in the effort to always be improving my craft.

I love to learn and experimenting which is one of the reasons I love acrylic paint. Sometimes I will do paintings just to "try stuff out"

Quite frankly if every painting I did had a deep meaningful emotion message with it, I would soon feel wrung out and I wouldn't be producing much. One of the reasons I paint is for the joy of it. That being said though sometimes I do paint from a deep emotional place inside me. Am I trying to say something to the viewer? Well yes.... and no. It's more about what I am feeling than anything else.

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Around Every Corner

Is a painting that has a deep personal message for me. It is the kind of art that" lays the artist soul bare" as they say and even writing about it is hard and emotional for me. I hesitated about writing it at all.

Just down the road from our house is The Forest of Memory where I walk our dog regularly. It's a place where people can put up a plaque and plant a tree in memory of those that they have lost. It is run by the Lions Club. That is a community service organisation and is run by volunteers. It's an amazing place, very beautiful with the different seasons and quite wild in places. The first few times I walked around it looking at the plaques I got very emotional reading them. I myself have lost two sisters and even after sixteen years the loss of my oldest sister hits me hard on a regular basis. I think of her often and feel incredibly sad when I think that my children will never get to know this wonderful person that would have loved and supported them so much and all they are missing by not knowing her.

An enormous loss for myself and my family.

Walking in the forest of memory always reminds me of that loss and how easy it is to lose those we love. You may wonder why I keep going there then. Well that's not all it reminds me of. It also reminds me to treasure those I love that are still with us. It also fills me with a sense of hope and inspiration for a brighter future as I watch the seasons change and the trees grow and flourish so peacefully. The tree for this painting so perfectly  symbolised all that as I walked around the corner on this autumn morning to be confronted by this blaze of colour. It's bright and cheerful colours so uplifting and promising many more beautiful mornings just like this in the years to come.

Well how do you put all that into a painting?  

Would anyone else get what I was saying?

Did that even matter?

I sat on this idea for a few weeks and I just couldn't figure out how I wanted to present those ideas in paint. Then one day I was watching one of Tim Gagnon's videos on the misty forest and it was an ah_ha moment. That grey misty background was perfect for my Autumn tree. So out came the paints and canvas. I used the background the tree was actually set in just did it in grey tones and a little misty. Now the tree would really pop against that and convey I hope what I was trying to say about it. 

I titled this painting  AROUND EVERY CORNER as to me that symbolises so many ideas:

          Take every chance that comes your way, no regrets in life

          Follow your dreams

          Good things will come

          Always have hope

          Out of the shadows comes the light

          Out of the grey there is colour.

I don't know if anyone else will get these messages from this painting but I think it's enough for me that I did.

This Painting "Around every Corner" is still available for purchase.

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