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Painting from a Memory. Capturing a Feeling in Abstract.

Abstract acrylic Acrylic painting personal art journey

Paintings can invoke so many different feelings for different people and sometimes it's surprising what will stick with you. 

When I was at high school I remember a trip to the Auckland art gallery. What caught my attention was one painting that made me feel as if I was standing inside a cloud. I remember standing in front of that painting and feeling like I was being transported away. That if you could travel inside a cloud, this is what it would look like in there. It wasn't so much what the painting looked like it was the feeling it awakened in me. It had a feeling of calm and peace. Of being somewhere other. Although I no longer remember who painted it and now only have a vague idea of what it looked like now. I never forgot how that painting made me feel.

In this Painting "Standing in a Cloud" I have tried to recreate that feeling. It was built up with many layers of thin paint. I glazed and sponged and used the spray bottles to create that, in the cloud feeling. I used some iridescent medium to create a little subtle sparkle here and there, as I always imaged that a cloud would sparkle from the inside as the light hit the water drops. I have tried to keep a good balance of light and dark while still keeping that wispy cloud feeling. I enjoyed painting this but it did take me a while to create that feeling I was after. It was all about subtlety but still creating interest.

In the end I think I got the feeling I was after and then I had some fun doing different coloured ones. Because I just can't stay away from colour for long!


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