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New years resolutions 2017 and reflecting on 2016: Art Blog

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Why reflect? For self improvement and encouragement and see where do I need to go from here. 2016 Review and 2017 New Years Resolutions 


First commission, had to do 4 of the same painting

The pictures in this post will be what I consider my top stand out sales, not always the biggest but in some way significant.  

Coming from a teaching background it comes naturally to me to set goals and break them down into achievable parts.This helps me to achieve what I want and not get distracted with other things. I think it is a very useful exercise and encourage you all to do it.  It doesn't have to be complicated and you can still be open to new opportunities in fact it can help you take them even, as you can see if they will help you get to your end goal.

Sale to a special friend

So my reflections and plans

It has been a busy year with a ton of learning for me and as I reflect back, very rewarding. But it is easy to forget what I have achieved in the frustration of the moment that's happening right now.

So the end of this year has been busy but quiet of sales and I haven't been getting as much painting done as I would like. What have I been doing? Well a lot of research and figuring out how to make some money as an artist so I can continue to spend the time being an artist. 

But I am getting ahead of myself here.

Lets start at the beginning and reflect on the past 

Why? Sometimes I need the encouragement of seeing how far I have come and also the kick in the pants about what I need to do better.

Biggest picture sold to date.

2015 goals were simple:

Start painting after a six year break.

Get painting skills up to a level I was happy to show my work to others again.

Start showing in our local community art gallery.

Okay did that

First Facebook sale

2016 got a bit more involved.

Keeping improving my art

Get into some local art shows

Join an art group

Start my website

Start showing my work on social media.( learn how to use the computer and social media) That was a learning curve I can tell you.

Some things did seem to snow ball a bit as I ended up opening my own gallery here at Pukeora Estate as well as showing my work in the local shows and doing live painting sessions for the first time. I had a stall at our festival here in Waipukurau which was so not planned for. But worked in with my long term goal of getting my work out there and people starting to know who I am.

I joined our local art group and have really enjoyed that experience a lot more than I thought I would and got to do a couple of shows I wouldn't have been eligible for other wise

I started my website which lead to me starting this blog. I was surprised how much I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts and skills here.

I started Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Learnt how to use them and  the computer. Got totally bogged down with how much time they take. 

And worked on my skills as an artist and came to the conclusion that I needed to plan my learning and be better organised.(I really should have already known that lesson.)

Then at the end of this year decided I really needed to look into other ways to make money with my art. So started to explore print on demand sites and joined Redbubble, Zazzle and Fine Art America.

So although I feel I haven't achieved much in the last month, when I look back on the whole year I've actually done quite a lot and should give myself credit for that.  Instead of thinking of all the things I could have done better or am not doing. 

First abstract sold

Which brings me to 2017 New Years Resolutions 

1; Get more Organised 

Trying to fit everything in and not miss deadlines and stay consistent

I've decided to write a to do list for each day of the week 


Thursday                             To Do List




Make bed

Front entry and Hall

Clean Kitchen

                                                                                        Monthly Focus




                                                                                        Art Work:



Art Work

Small works and or cards Designs for On demand products.


Paint from life, onsite painting or still life



Twitter posts on Buffer

Website work

Post new paintings for sale

YouTube filming if needed and start editing

Sold in an Auckland art show


So I now have a different one for each day with my weekly schedule and I write notes on them for what I want to do in the gapes.

I don't say I'm going to stick to it everyday and if fact so far I have not got everything on the list done in one day. But I can now prioritise more easily and makes sure I don't miss something important out. Which leads me to my next goal.

2, Do more Art

Paint, Draw and do more art in general but with a plan for improvement and consistency in learning. This is the most important but not number one as being organised will help me achieve this goal. Up until 2016  Art was a much loved hobby and everything else came first then I could paint as a reward for doing everything else. I need to change my thinking now I am taking my art more seriously. The art needs to come first, the housework and other distractions later. With the exception of the kids of cause. You would think this wouldn't be so hard but I am finding that difficult still and painting is still getting missed out to often. That's why I need a plan. I think having a plan of what I will be working on to improve my painting will help and linking this with my blog and YouTube videos( when I start them ). Work smarter not harder as the saying goes. And there is nothing like teaching someone to do something to really cement it in your own mind.

This one was rejected for a show but later sold in my gallery ( validation )

3,  Do more art shows and expand out of the local community 

Increase the amount of art shows I do each year. Again I need to plan out the year so I know when they are on. When I need the entry forms in and any special considerations for that show. Also so I have got the paintings ready in time for each show. I have been finding shows to participate in is not that easy and takes some time to find and research. But this will be a long term list and I will be able to use it over and over adding to it as I find new ones. 

Sold to a guest at Pukeroa as a memory for a special day. Was touched by the reason for this sale.

4, Be consistent with my Blog and Youtube channel

First I have to start my YouTube channel and that is my big project for the year. Lots of learning to be done here for me.

With my Blog I have really enjoyed the chance to share and teach and I hope to do this with my YouTube channel as well. Also it's a chance for people to get to know me better and hopefully buy some art. Which brings me to my next problem.

Sold to a long lost friend who turned up on Facebook. So happy to connect again.

5, How to find followers that want to buy art?

I have a lot of fellow arts that follow me on my social media which is great and I love to connect with them but lets face it they are not going to be buying art. They are all trying to sell their own as well. So my goal will be to figure out how to find the people who want to buy art or failing that how do I make money with my art when most of my followers are other artists. 

This is a big one too, because you know I do need to make some money doing this or I'm going to have to get another job and then that's pretty much the end of my art being anything other than a hobby. But I am determined to give it my all here. My teaching license is up for renewal soon and I am struggling with whether I should renew it or not. It's a big step to not have that fall back on.

Many sales of small paintings at the festival 

6, On demand shops

Slowly but surely build up my on demand shops, posting consistently and hopefully start seeing some profits from here.

First painting on print on demand, got a real kick out of seeing my painting all different ways

So it's going to be a busy year and the key I think will be to be organised and now that I have written it all down for you to see I'm thinking it will help motivate me to getting these goals achieved. My catch phase is" Art is not a Sprint it's a Marathon"  and that helps me when looking back and see how far I have come and planning for the future also helps.  I'm happy with slow steps forward as long as I am moving forward.

So I hope you will join me on my journey this year. Please subscribe to my newsletter  and never miss a blog post. Let me know what your goals are for 2017. 


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