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Improve an old painting.

Acrylic painting flowers how to paint painting advice YouTube video

If you have been painting for a while I am sure, like me there are paintings from your past that you like but know that you can improve on now that your skills have improved.

This painting is one I did many years ago and have always liked something about it. I like the colours and subject. But now I feel I could improve on this work.

I don't want to do a new painting I want to use the old one as a base for my new painting. I feel I can improve the feeling of depth and the detail now that my painting skills have improved. Also the composition could do with improvement on this one. 

In this YouTube video I show you the transformation of this old painting into something new. It's a time lapse video so you will get to see all the steps I took without having to see hours of painting!

Here Is a look at the finial improved painting of this agapantus flower painting.

Do you have paintings you think you could improve on but are to scared to try in case you ruin them. My advice is to just give it a go. It's only paint after all. Identify what you like about the old painting and make sure you keep that in mind as you paint over it so you can be sure to keep or include that aspect of your painting in the new painting.  Just a small word of warning. If you have vanished those paintings make sure that vanish is okay to paint over.

I wanted to keep the colours and the field feeling about this piece as I painting over it. Also identify what you would like to improve about it. Be specific so you can really nail down what you are trying to achieve with painting over the old painting.

I am happy with the results of this rework of an old painting and look forward to hearing your feed back on what you think.  

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