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How To Apply New Techniques To Your Painting.

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Make your paintings more interesting and dynamic, Break out of that rut by doing something different.

Try new techniques and how to apply them to your painting art blog by Goldstarwork, Artist Laura Wilson

So easy to get stuck in a rut and tied into painting the same thing, the same way over and over. Look for new ideas on how to apply your paint.

So you found a cool looking new painting technique on YouTube or a blog or a book or wherever. You think you will have to try that sometime. So you file that away in the back of your mind and then it never seems to see the light of day again. You either forget about it or can't remember where you saw that idea and how would you use that technique in your painting anyway?

So here is what I do: In order to use a new technique in your everyday painting you must first try that technique out and become really familiar with it.( I know obvious, but that bit can sometimes be the hardest part, finding the time.) 

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Make some time to do this, go and buy whatever materials you need if you don't already have them. Put them on your shopping list right away so you don't forget. Collect up everything you will need and put them altogether, this way you will have already made a commitment to yourself to do that technique.

Set a time and day to do your new technique. This is a learning exercise, and you are making a commitment to yourself to improve your skills and be an active self learner.  

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Get it out of your head that you are going to produce a wonderful piece of art. (Well you might, it may turn out great) But the idea here is just to practice that new technique and see how it works and any problems you have with it. 

Practice as much as you need to in order to really feel comfortable with this new technique, finding out what works and what doesn't

Once you have practised it a bit, what I do is try an abstract piece using this technique. That way I'm not trying to make it look like something just exploring what I can make the paint do and what effects I can create using this method. While doing this I often get ideas about how to include these methods in other paintings. I always write these down as I think of them. It's so easy to forget when you are in the middle of the creative process.

Here I have been playing with the alcohol dropping technique to create this vibrant and colourful abstract painting.

Alcohol drop abstract painting by Goldstarwork, Artist Laura Wilson

 So now you have a great new technique to add to your painting tool box, all tried out and methods sorted. 

Think about how this technique could enhance your next painting eg. Here I have used the alcohol dropping technique in my background for this flower pictures.

poppy field acrylic painting by Goldstarwork, Artist Laura Wilson

I have used Atelier interactive paints in all these paintings. You can purchase a starter kit by clicking on the link if you would like to give these a try.

I have also used the alcohol drop technique to help me make this window frame look old for my Home Sweet Home painting.

home sweet home swallow bird on old barn window sill acrylic painting by Goldstarwork, Artist Laura Wilson

                                           Home Sweet Home

By making the time and doing the work of trying out different ways to apply your paint you can keep your art skills fresh and your paintings will always be evolving. I find it is really exciting to discover something new to try and it energises me and stimulates me with lots of different picture ideas. So give it a try today, don't keep it in the back of your mind. You may be surprised by how much enthusiasm just doing something different can create. 

Here is a book I have at home that has lots of great techniques to try out. Actually so many that I think I will need to do a book review on this in the future. You wont be short of ideas here for a very long time!

                               Abstracts  Techniques and Textures by Rolina van Vliet

Shameless Plug: See my blog on How to do the Alcohol dropping technique. Try it TODAY.

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Have a look at my gallery and see if you can spot where I have used this technique.

 Hope you found this blog useful and don't forget to share if you made it this far.

Happy Painting!

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