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Day 8, Building a Daily Art Habit. Easy background continued for Poppy Painting and Dealing with Artist Block

Art Blog Artist Block Background painting Building a daily art habit YouTube video

On Day 8 of building a daily art habit I am going to talk about artist block.

Have you had a break from painting and can't get back into it? Don't want artist block to be something you have to deal with? Is artist block even a real thing? I will be painting the next step on a poppy painting while I talk about these issues.

First off, for the painting. If you are interested in Painting flowers and are having trouble getting your colours to pop. I will link here a blog of how to paint these type of poppy flowers.

In that blog I didn't cover how I painted the background that I am painting here. So you may want to watch this one first. This background is super easy and fun. Perfect for those days you just want to throw some paint around.

Artist Block

Today I watched Stefan Baumann on YouTube doing a talk called. Artist Block or Painting Burnout.

Here are the tips and what he had to say that spoke to me the most. 

First off yes artist block is a real thing. It's often caused by exhaustion and stress.

His eg. If you have an art show coming up you work and work getting ready for it. Then after that show is over you are left thinking, What now? There will then be a lull and it's hard to get going again. One way to get over that he says is to always have another show booked before the last one is finished. That way when the first show is finished you are already half way through getting ready for the next one.

Relating that back to me. I have found in the past that when I have finished a painting, I end but having a lull while I think about my next painting. I often think through a painting for a few weeks before I start to paint. This means it can be awhile before I start painting again and I start filling up my days with other things. To get over this, now that I have more room to paint. I always have more than one painting on the go at once in different stages of development. That way if I need a break from one painting while I think about it, I can be doing another. When I have finished one painting, I have another half way done ready to go. This way I am a lot more productive and I don't risk having those long breaks and then finding it hard to get painting again.

Stefan says the worst thing you can do is to stop painting. Work through your artist block or you may end up stopping for years.

As I know first hand. I had a 10 year break. You start filling up your time doing other things instead of doing the thing you love which is painting. 

He recommends taking no more than a week or two off. But if you do, don't just take a week off from painting. Take a week off from everything. Recharge your batteries. Because what happens is you are just exhausted from whatever is happening in your life. 

The act of painting is exhausting too

We tend to think painting should be joyful, fun and wonderful. Which it is, but it is also hard work and takes a lot of energy. 

But other times you are not exhausted or stressed but the thought of going back to painting just doesn't excite you. You are just feeling kind of blaa...

That's when you need to try something new. If you usually do small, try something big. Instead of sitting down, stand up. Try a different subject. What you are is bored with doing that same routine day after day. Go learn something new.

Learning always excites me. Learning new skills or using a new product gets me fired up with enthusiasm again.

What about trying some colour days where you just paint with your favourite colours, use your fingers and finger paint. Have some fun with it. 

Sometime you just can't seem to be inspired by anything. 

Then you have to evaluate how special it is to be an artist. 

As Stefan says, art is so important that they build museums for it.

 He recommends, You be touch with the legacy you are creating right now for your grand children. Think about what you want to show them.

He says that often times when you become bored it's because you are not sharing your work. Or you are not painting something that is meaningful to you.

Art is communication and sharing. It's a really personal thing. You are sharing and communicating through your art.  

Paint the stuff that is important to you.

So I hope that was helpful. I found it very interesting and would recommend you checking out his channel. Just look up his name. 

Get out your paints people and just get painting. 

Happy Painting and see you tomorrow.


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