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Day 7, Building a Daily Art Habit. Easy Painting Background and What is your Painting Stlye.

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On Day 7 of building a daily painting habit. I will be painting a very easy but fun background as preparation for a future painting. I will also touch on the subject of art style and how do you find yours.

Sometimes backgrounds take a while to dry. It's a good thing to do for those days when you don't have much time or you just don't want to concentrate that hard. You know those days we all have them.

Doing backgrounds in advance also means I have a project started that I can get going on for those days that I don't know what to paint and can't get into something new. Now I don't just do a whole lot of backgrounds with no idea what I'm going to paint on them. I always know what I am going for before I start the background.

I am using a couple of different methods on this one. Starting with a wash of green and red not mixing the colours here as I don't want mud. 

I then sprinkle on some drops of water using my sea sponge and sponge those drops off creating some texture. 

I drop on some alcohol drops to make shapes that could suggest background flowers. Then repeat.

I have done a more in depth blog on how to use the alcohol drops that I will link here.

When doing the second layer I keep in mind my idea for my finial painting and also look out for interesting bits in the painting so far that I don't want to cover up.

Now lets talk about art style.

There are certain questions that people always ask when you tell them you paint. One is what do you paint with? That's an easy one, Acrylics.

Another is what kind of paintings do you do? Sometimes they just want to know what subjects you paint other times they are really asking is, what is your painting style? 

So what is your painting style? Do you hate that question as much as I do. I never quite know how to answer that. I feel my style is developing all the time. It can depend on the subject I'm painting as well. 

I know what I an not. I not into painting in a photo realistic way. I am not into cubism. I like to paint in a very free flowing way. I'm really not into to straight lines and I am striving to paint not just what I see but what I feel about what I'm painting. I am trying to paint in more painterly way as that is a style that I really want to paint like. Of cause sometimes I like to get into some detail work as well and I find myself combining these two things in many of my paintings.

What do I call that style? I don't know, I'm sure someone has a term for it. I just call it my style. I don't like to put a label on it. As soon as I do, I start to feel locked into that way of painting. I just don't like being told what to paint. Oh hark back to my day in art class. I never did that well as I just wasn't interested in being told what to paint so my heart was never in it.

If you have no idea of what your painting style is don't worry. If you are just starting out that's normal. You have to be painting for awhile for your style to emerge. It's also something that will grow and change as you grow and change with your art.  

  You can admire lots of different styles. That doesn't mean you want to paint like them. So when you are looking for mentors, look for someone who paints the way you would like to. There may be more than one style you are interested in. You may find yourself coming up with something uniquely your own. Just don't stress about it The more you paint and learn, the more you will find what you like and don't like and what type of painting you enjoy doing the most.

So get out those paints and be happy painting.

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