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Day 6, Building a Daily Art Habit. How it get over a painting FAIL. A different way to set goals

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Day 6 of building a daily art habit. Today I will be redoing that sunrise from yesterday. Sometimes a painting just doesn't turn out the way you want. What do you do when that happens?

Well what I do is try to look at it objectively and figure out what went wrong so that I can learn from the experience. Yesterdays painting is to saturated in colour and not enough variation in tones. Not enough lights and darks.

So I am going to try again today keeping in mind what I did wrong last time and also keeping in mind what attracted me to this scene to make me want to paint it.

I am always trying to improve and learn more to become a better artist. I have written a blog on How to be an active self learner if you would like to read more on this.

With trying to learn and improve my painting in mind I will also be using

Dave White's book Sea and Sky in acrylics, Techniques and Inspiration to help me with this painting.

Today I am also talking about the latest YouTube video I have been watching 

You will never look at life the same. Why you don't achieve your goals.

By Vishen Lakhian on Absolute Motivation 

To sum it up he is basically saying we set our goals all wrong and that is why we don't achieve them. We are setting the wrong goals.

We should be asking ourselves three questions.

1, What experiences in life do I want to have?

eg.      Who do I want to wake up with?

           What counties do I want to visit?

          What adventures do I want to have?

           What type of house do I want to live in. 

           What kind of relationship do I want with my children?

           where do you want your art to take you.

2, Then ask yourself

For me to be the person who has all these experiences how do I have to grow. What do I need to learn.

eg.      What languages do I need to learn

           What do I need to learn about being a parent to have that kind of relationship with my children.

           What do I need to learn about art or marketing to get where I want to be with my art.

3, How can I give back to the world

He says that this is what leads to true fulfilment.

Also he says that what most people don't realise is that growth can be a goal on it's own. 

So next time you are setting goals for yourself ask why do I want to set this goal?, what experiences do I hope this will lead to?  Then you will know what your actual end goal is. That way you can work backwards from there and make sure the goals you are setting will actually lead to where you want to go. 






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