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Day 5, Building a Daily Art Habit. Finding happiness in the process and painting a sunrise.

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Day 5, Having trouble figuring out what to paint? Maybe a little planning might be good. Remember to enjoy the right now of what you are doing. I think this will help me a lot in keeping to my 30 days of building a daily art habit.

Today I am painting the sunrise that I saw this morning outside my window when I got up. 

Have to say until I looked out the window I had no idea what I was going to paint. I'm thinking it would be really good idea to do some planning even if it's only what to paint for the next day. That way I have no excuse to not paint. 

As I said in an earlier video I wasn't going to spend a lot of time with planning this series as I am the queen of planning then not doing, as I have used all my time planning. But a little planning I think is in order but just not getting to carried away with it. 


Now I have to say although I enjoyed painting this sunrise it didn't turn out that great. Some factors that I think contributed to this was

1, I haven't painted a sunrise for a while so I was feeling out of practice.

2, I am finding it a challenge to talk about something different to what I am doing. Concentrating on two different things at once is not the best idea.

3, I got lazy and didn't change my palette. There was not much room for mixing colours left so I didn't do much. Therefore my colours were way to saturated and my sunset turned out to colourful. 

4, Also because I haven't been planning what I am going to paint. The painting was not thought through. I didn't take the time to consider what I was trying to say with this painting and the steps I needed to take to get that message across. 

But every painting is a step closer to building a daily painting habit and every painting is a chance to learn.

This morning I listened to 50 books in 50 weeks, What I've learnt by Jeff Price a Ted x Talk on YouTube. 

Now I listened to this as I thought it would be good inspiration for me to get reading my art books more often. But really he didn't talk that much about reading. 

I did get some very interesting information on happiness. 

He was saying... 

There is a difference between doing something that you enjoy and something that you love.

To keep up your enthusiasm for what you are doing it has to be something that comes from inside you not what someone else says you should be doing.

If you enjoy doing something but you don't love it, it takes will power to do it.

  Eventually will power runs out and you have to do something to build it back up. So you can keep going.

When you are doing something that you love, when you do that thing you actually get more energy than when you started.  You feel better and the people around you will feel better to because you are doing something that builds you up.

This spoke to me. I know when I do my art it does make me feel better and I do have more enthusiasm for it the more I do my art. I do truly love to paint. I tend to get more done all around as I feel more energised. 

The other thing he was saying was that you need to be able enjoy what you are doing right now. You can't treat the present as something to just get through so when you have done these steps you can then move on to something better. 

In other words: " I will be so happy when I get that job"

" I will be so happy when I finish this training."

What you are telling yourself is that you can't be happy until that thing has happened. 

You need to find happiness in the process, as at the end when you think you will be so happy is such a short fleeting moment in time.

Being a ex kindergarten teacher I can relate to this. We were always telling the parents it's not about the finished product it's about the process and what we learn along the way.

So find the thing that you love to do, that inspires and energises you. I hope that's art like me. But whatever it is do more of that! Enjoy the process and be happy right now.

So Happy Painting. I know I will be and I will see you tomorrow.


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