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Day 3 Building a Daily Art Habit, Northern lights painting and how tiny habits can change your life.

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Day 3, No time to paint? How to do painting when you don't think you can and how to keep that motivation going.

 Today I haven't got much time to paint. I will be painting a northern lights painting that I started some time ago. 

The secret to getting that painting done when you have no time is to pick something easy and achievable. 

I have already done a blog on how to paint this method of doing northern lights so if you are interested I will link that here.

Easy way to paint northern lights

I listened to a talk on YouTube today called 

Forget big change start with a tiny habit by B J Fogg on Ted x talks.

He was saying if you know how to make tiny habits you can change your life. 

The only reason motivation exists is to get the hard tasks done but it fades over time so how do we keep going. By breaking large tasks into small easy to do steps and making them into tiny habits that we do everyday without even thinking about them. 

He says to make change you must have three factors

1, A reason to do it.

So think about what your reasons are for wanting to make art and making it a more regular part of your life. 

These reasons will help you to keep going even when it feels to hard. Just remind yourself why so then you will want to go do.

2, Having the environment to physically do it.

Do you have the paints, canvas and space set up?

Also having the social environment to support you.

Do you have supportive people around you that value and encourage you. If not you may need to change your social structure.

3, You need a trigger. The thing that switches on your brain and tells you it's time to do that thing.

In other words what will make you go and actually do that painting.

This is where creating a habit comes in. 

B J Fogg says to make a new habit piggyback it with another habit that is already established. So find something that you already do everyday and then do your art after that.

So lets try an example

Say I want to paint every morning. How will I make this a habit? 

First I have to find a habit that I already do and then add, go paint, straight after. Okay I admit I'm still working on this. I am having trouble being able to paint the same time everyday as it really depends on whats happening that day. But it is working with my getting into the habit of riding my exercise bike every morning. First I have my morning cup of tea then as soon as I have finished I get up and ride the bike. Has been working for 2 weeks now. I did decide I had to get up earlier to make sure I can fit it in though.

So in principle I think this theory will work I just haven't figured out number three yet in relation to doing my art.  I do think it's a really good idea to have clear in your mind why you want to paint. As this does help you to keep going when it gets hard.

  Get those paints out even when it's hard to get going.

So happy painting and see you tomorrow.


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