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Day 29 Building a Daily Art Habit. 30 minute warm up paintings. transferring photocopy words to a canvas.

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Today on building a daily art habit I discuss the value of daily painting exercises. I do some more on the backgrounds of my teacup painting and for my apple painting. I will be trying to transfer some photocopy words on to my painted canvas.

building a daily art habit. Transferring words to a painted canvas

This is what I got done today. It felt like a weird mix of painting, but fun!

Now what's the difference between doing painting everyday and doing a painting everyday. Well in this series I wanted to reestablish a habit of painting everyday but not necessarily doing a finished painting every single day. I briefly spoke in an earlier blog about this. You can read this here...  Day 22 building a daily art habit vs doing a daily painting.

I didn't want to do that at the time, as it wouldn't leave me time to work on more complicated paintings or bigger works that world take more time.  

But the more I thought about the concept, the more I thought there was some value in the idea with some modifications to it.

How could I combine the idea of doing a painting everyday and still have time for other more complicated works.

So I decided that doing a warm up painting everyday would have value in building my art skills. It's not something I have really done before quite in this way.

I am thinking, doing a practice painting everyday with a 30 minute time limit could be a powerful tool for my art development. In the past I have practised skills for a larger studio piece. Like the fruit paintings I have been doing on this series. They are practice paintings for a finial picture, but they can also be a finished piece on their own. What I am talking about here is a little different. These small 30 minute warm up paintings are not suppose to be a finished piece of work. They are just as the name says a practice. I can do these warm up paintings first thing when I go into the studio and practice something I would like to work on that relates back to the studio piece I am wanting to paint that week. 

Whether it's a subject I haven't painted before or an effect of light on something. Different colour schemes. Even tonal studies for nailing down the tones on a painting. The key here I think will be the time limit because I don't want to spend all my time doing the practice painting and no time left for doing my other painting. I am going to explore this concept further and I have a practice today in this video to see what I think. 

Here is a blog post all about the power of warm up paintings and how I am using them to improve my art you may find useful for getting ideas on how to do it for yourself.

Would this be something you think would be helpful to your art development? I think it will be for me. Sometimes it's easy to get so caught up in painting we forget to take deliberate steps to improve our skills and being active learners. Taking time everyday to concentrate on that can only be a good thing I am thinking, even if it's only half an hour. 

I'm not going to talk to much about transferring the words to my painted canvas.  I haven't nailed down this method enough to give you much advice yet. When I have, I will be able to show you what worked best for me. I am still working this out. I like the idea of it, if I can get the method to work better. So far using the rubbing alcohol was the easiest and fastest method. I just have to make sure I can do it consistently without lifting the paint off the canvas. I haven't seen anyone else doing it like this so far.

So hope you enjoy this video and give some thought to how you can fit in practice for improving your art skills. Share them with me in the comments if you have a method that works well for you. I would love to hear about it.

Happy Painting!

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