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Day 28 Building a Daily Art Habit, Playing with Crackle Medium and Finishing That Teacup.

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Today on 30 days of building a daily art habit. I am going to be playing with crackle medium for backgrounds for two paintings. I will be finishing that teacup I stared yesterday while waiting for paint to dry on my backgrounds.

Building a daily art habit, how to use crackle medium

Close up of crackle I did Today.

First off for the crackle medium. READ YOUR INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.

I put that in big letters really more as a reminder to myself than anything. I get so excited to get going that I tend to just quickly scan the directions and wonder why things don't work later. Some crackle mediums work differently to others so read the instructions on your bottle. This one says to put over a light background. (didn't do that)  Put the crackle medium on in a cross pattern. Thick for big crackles or thin for small. Leave to dry.

building a daily art habit, acrylic painting teacup

Crackle medium drying on this now finished teacup. Doing more on the background.

They also say not to dry the paint with a hairdryer, so that more than just the top layer of paint is dry I presume. When I was patient and waited  for things to dry naturally it worked a lot better. Then you go over that light colour with a dark wash to bring out the crackle pattern. I did mine the other way and did a dark background and put a light colour over the top. In the past I have done it light over dark and than does stand out well. 

Home sweet Home, Acrylic Painting close up of crackle and swallow bird by Goldstarwork, Artist Laura Wilson

Crackle with light paint and a dark wash on this Home Sweet Home Painting. I was painting an old window sill so the crackle helped me with that old weathered look

The reason I love acrylic paint is it's so versatile. I can do so many different things with it and experiment as much as I would like. 

Watch the video here for what I did with crackle medium today.

 Happy Painting everyone, see you tomorrow.

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