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Day 27 Building a Daily Art Habit. Teacup Painting. Become a Better Artist. How to Learn from Painting Mistakes.

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On Day 27 of building a daily art habit I will be practising what I preached and learning from mistakes made in yesterday's painting. It's what you do with those painting mistakes that is important.

This is a work in progress shot. I finished it on another day.

How to learn from painting mistakes? 

Today I will show you how I have started to learn from my art failure in day 25 & 26 blog.

I decided I wanted to practice painting that teacup again. The teacup was the main thing I wanted to paint in yesterdays painting, but it kind of got lost in the rest of the painting. I decided to really focus on the teacup this time. So I have simplified the background and zoomed in on that teacup. This way I can concentrate my efforts on that teacup and not be distracted by the rest of the painting.

This was a valuable exercise as when I finished I was happy with my teacup painting. Some other areas not so much but that will be practice for another day!

Next time I want to paint a teacup I will have a positive experience to recall instead of being intimidated by the thought. This will be a key factor in moving forward with becoming a better artist. You don't want fear of failure to stop you moving forward in your art development. 

Still need to work on painting fabric as I wasn't happy with that part of the painting. I ended up doing something completely different in that area. Here's what I came up with if you are curious. 

Happy Painting!

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