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Day 23 Building a Daily Art Habit. Pt 1 Painting Grapes and trying new things.

Building a daily art habit Fruit painting personal art journey YouTube video

On day 23 of building a daily art habit I will be painting grapes in acrylic paint. Ever wonder what style it would be best to paint a subject in? How do you know if you should try a different style? Also do you want some tips that will really help you paint grapes. Read on. 

First off if you want to know what style to paint a picture in. Look at examples and see what you like best, but after that actually have a go at painting in that style. You may surprise yourself with a great outcome and have a new tool in your tool box of skills. You may discover that style you admire isn't a way that you like to paint and can admire it without wondering if you should paint like that.

Now to the grapes. I watched a bunch of tutorials about painting grapes as I haven't actually painted them before and I wanted to see how others approached them. Turned out the most useful videos I found where oil painting ones. I thought the methods I was watching on the oil painting ones was going to suit what I wanted much better than the acrylic painting tutorials. Just because it's an oil painting video don't dismiss it, as depending on the method they use they can translate well to acrylic paint as well. Especially if they are doing a wet on wet method. I can't point to one video here I just watched a bunch of them in my usual information overload style.

What did I learn about painting grapes?

I liked the method of drawing the whole bunch of grapes as an outline rather than doing the individual grapes and starting the painting that way as well. 

So paint the whole bunch of grapes one colour.

Then pick out some spots that are the highlights on individual grapes. These grapes are going to be your foreground grapes. 

Paint the bottom of these individual grapes in the glowing colour that the light creates going through the grape. This will be on the opposite side to your light source. 

Now take your darkest colour and shade the top of the grapes closest to your light source. This is a bit different from what you would normally do which is why I mention it. Normally your lightest part of an object would be towards the light. You still have your highlight towards the light source but this is just a dot really. 

This is all you need to paint the grapes. Unless you are me and go over it about a million times doing the same things until happy with the results. I don't recommend this and I'm sure next time I paint grapes I will have a lot more confidence in what I am doing and wont have to do this. 

In the end though I was happy with my results even though I didn't end up using a painterly approach to this as I had planned. Doing a new subject and a new style at the same time probably isn't the best idea.

So here is the video. Have a go at painting some grapes. Setting up a still life is a great help too. Or just try painting something new. Expand your horizons and keep your painting fresh and exciting for yourself by getting out of your comfort zone.

Happy Painting!

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