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Day 21 Building a Daily Art Habit, How to Paint Pears in Acrylic paint.

Art Blog Building a daily art habit Painting Pears YouTube video

Today on day 21 of building a daily art habit I will be painting some pears in a painterly way. 

I started off with a quick sketch and started painting. I wish I had a coloured ground first. I did end up doing a wash of yellow ochre over the whole thing after the first coat. Just to warm it all up and unify the colours. The reason why I wish I had done a coloured ground was because the white of the canvas was showing through to much after the base coat.

I was very good and after watching all those motivational videos on, art is meant to be see. I got motivated an filled out some of those art show forms and sent them away.  I also went down to our local gallery and made sure they had some of my work to hang. They say if you want to improve your painting put them in a show. When you know you are going to be judged you will try even harder to do your best work. My problem with some of these art shows is I have to have the forms in so far in advance. One of the shows are not until mid June and one is not until September. I encourage you to find some shows to show your art. 

 A word about mixing colours. I mixed some of the colours in advance for this painting. Checking the colours against the pears to see if I had it right.As I painted I adjusted the colours as needed. But having the mixes meant I could get on with just thinking about the painting and not have to stop all the time to mix up the right colour.

To help keep a painterly look I am standing up and trying not to fiddle with those brush strokes to much. I am not very good at not fiddling I have to say.

Here is the video for you, hope you enjoy.

It was raining really hard here today and although I had three lights on some of this video is a bit dark. Sorry about that.  Happy painting!


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