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Day 20 Building a Daily Art Habit. Adding Colour to a Tonal Painting.

Apple painting Art Blog Building a daily art habit YouTube video

In day 20 I will be adding red to my tonal painting of my apples. Feels a bit scary throwing some red paint at this. I will show you how I use glazing to get the colour on but still show the work underneath.

Hey I found out why in nature you get warm highlights and cool shadows, or cool highlights and warm shadows. Turns out it's to do with having two light sources. One being the sun and the other being the sky which acts as ambient secondary light. I love it when things start making more sense. That's why when you set up a still life with just the one light you don't get the same effect on lights and shadow. 

Going to keep it short and sweet today, hope you enjoy the video.


Happy Painting everyone. 

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