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Day 2. Building a Daily Art Habit. Just paint something! Cityscape at Night

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Day 2.

Building a daily art habit is our chance to play with paint. Either finish off an old art project that you have been meaning to get on with but haven't yet. Choose something easy and achievable that won't take to much time. If you have no old projects then just choose your favourite colours and throw some on a canvas and play. We are not trying to create a masterpiece we are just trying to start a habit and remind ourselves why we love painting. 

I am going to finish off a project I started some time ago of a cityscape at night. This is Auckland city with the lights reflecting on the water of the harbour.

Before starting painting today I was listening to a Ted X Talk called How to achieve your most ambitious goals. 

By Stephen Duneier 

on YouTube. He was talking about breaking tasks up into small achievable parts that can be done in small amounts of time. 

I think for this challenge of doing some painting everyday that would be a good way to look at it. Start with small easy to achieve paintings. If you start to big or to ambitious it will be to easy to to give up and put it in the to hard basket. 

As I am doing this series and starting to think more about art again my mind is coming up with ideas for paintings. I find it is really useful to write down all my ideas for new painting as I get them so when I go through those times where my mind is blank and I can't think what to paint this list becomes a great resource. 

So here is day 2 of building a daily art habit on YouTube for you.

But don't just watch, get those paints out and just paint something, anything will do. Most importantly just have fun!

Happy Painting!

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