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Day 19 Building a Daily Art Habit, Tips on How to Fix Tones on a Painting. Part 2 Apple Study.

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Day 19 of Building a Daily Art Habit. Ever have trouble figuring out if you have enough contrast in your painting. In this blog I will share a simple tip with you and show you how I put it into action.

Before                                                  After

I am still working on my tonal study of my apples today. I decided that I didn't have enough contrast in this painting and I wanted to also make sure that my centre of interest was the main focal point. It can be easy to get confused about tones especially when working with light colours like yellow. Our brains like to trick us into thinking that tone is different from what it really is. Today I decided to take a black and white photo of my painting and my still life. This way I can really see where I need to make adjustments. 

I am also checking over my painting for where I would like to put in soft edges. Up until this point all my edges on the apples have been hard. By making some of them soft, around the back of the apple and keeping the hardest edges and greatest contrast around where my centre of interest is, I can make sure this area really draws the viewers eye. I also want to make sure that front apple doesn't compete for attention. I make the edges on this apple a little softer and the contrasts a little less but not so much that the background apple tries to take over.

As you can see with using contrasts and edges you can really dictate where and how fast the viewer looks around a painting.

It's a lot to think about and using the trick of hard and soft edges to slow or speed up the viewers eye is something I am still learning how to do in my artwork. I find the idea of being able to direct someones viewing that much  fascinating. I will be looking into this more as I go on with my painting development.

So I hope you are getting your paints out and doing some painting today.

Why don't you try taking some photos of your work and changing them to black and white. Can you see how you can improve any of your works by adjusting those tones? Sometimes all a painting needs is a bit more contrast to make it into something special. 

Happy Painting everyone See you tomorrow. 


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