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Day 18 Building a Daily Art Habit, Part 1, Painting apples, back to basics. Setting up a still life tips

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Today on building a daily art habit I am going back to basics. Setting up a still life and painting apples. 

You don't need lots of fancy light or other equipment. Just a cardboard box and a lamp will do. See how I set up this still life and directed the light in this video. 

Today I am using Will Kemp's video from his YouTube channel Willkempartschool to help me get going on this tonal study of apples. I will be adding colour on another day. 

I used my own still life and didn't copy his picture. I am just using his methods to help me. 

Try setting up your own still life. You will be amazed how much more you will see in colours and shadows by painting from life. Play around with the lighting to get the best light effects for your still life. Lighting is what makes a painting interesting. 

Whatever colour background you want to paint try to have that colour on you background of the still life so you can see how the colour will reflect on the objects you are using. I am using grey for my background. Just found a grey dress and a cardi to drape over my box. 

Just a quick word about mixing your own colours. As I am using a grey background I am mixing my grey using raw umber and ultramarine blue and white. No two mixes are ever the same so I get lots of variety in my colour. This makes for a lot more of an interesting background than if I had got a colour straight from the tube. 

You don't have to do apples anything you want to paint will be fine.

I am using apples as I have an idea for some paintings for my kitchen that I want to paint. So I thought some studies would be a good place to start.

I am simplifying the back ground so the apples are the main attraction. 

My focus for this tonal study is to really get the tones right to create that feel of a round apple. 

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