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Day 16, Building a Daily Art Habit. Autumn leaf Painting. Using still life to help with lighting.

Art Blog autumn tree Building a daily art habit painting advice YouTube video

In day 16 of building a daily art habit, I am painting autumn leaves still. Can't get that lighting right in your painting? Not sure how shadow should be falling? 

How light effects your subject in a painting is of huge importance to your finished painting being successful or not. If there is no light we would all be sitting in the dark. 

I was having trouble with getting the light right on this autumn leaf painting. I was using my artist licence here and I had changed the direction of the light source. But It just wasn't looking right in my eyes. So I decided to set up a still life of some leaves and shine a light on them from the direction I was thinking and then I would have a better idea of how to do the highlights and shadows. 

This was a great help to me and I would recommend giving it a try if you are having trouble with lighting. It would only work of cause for certain subjects. You can't shine a light on a outdoor landscape scene. But you could wait for the light to be coming from the right direction, then take a photo. 

I really wanted to just get on and paint this one, so not much talking on here. So here is the video hope you enjoy and happy painting.

I Haven't quite finished this one yet. I would like to round off the points on that leaf that is my enter of interest. It looks to much like a maple leaf at the moment. I will also play around a bit more on shaping that leaf and narrowing down the centre of interest even more. Also want to work on some shadows to direct the eye around the painting more. I think knocking back some of that white in the background on the right bottom would be a good idea as I feel it is competing for attention with the centre of interest. I will do this after I have finished this series of daily painting videos so I don't bore you with to many videos doing the same painting.

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