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Day 14, Building a Daily Art Habit. Abstract Background 2, Finding Time to Paint.

Art Blog Background painting Building a daily art habit YouTube video

Day 14 of building a daily art habit. Can never find the time to paint? Feel you don't have enough hours in the day? Want to use your time wisely?

How do you find time for what you really want to do.

In this blog I will be talking a bit about this while I do Number 2 abstract background.  In my video, I don't have a lot of time for painting ( ironically enough)  and I finish painting before I finish talking, so I have added in this blog what I didn't get to say in the video. 

First off for the painting. In this background I am adding interference paints and plastic wrap to help me get interesting background effects. I end up doing two layers to build up depth and interest. Try not to get inpatient like I did and keep the plastic wrap on until it the paint is dry. That way you will get maximum effect of the patterns that the plastic wrap will make. 

I was watching, How to gain control of your free time, by Laura Vanderkam on YouTube today.

Laura Vanderkam says  "build the life you want and time saves it self." What she is meaning is we find the time for the things that are important to us. If you can't find the time to do something it's because you are not making it a priority in your life.

She tells the story of a study she was doing getting very busy people to write down what they spent there time on over the week. One lady came home one day to find her water heater was broken and water was everywhere. It took her 7 hours over the week to sort out the problem. If she had been asked at the beginning of the week is she had a spare 7 hours to do something this week. She would have replied "no, can't you see how busy I am." But because getting that water heater fixed was a priority. She found the time. 

This show us that time is elastic Laura says. We can't make more but time will stretch to accommodate what we choose to put into it.

The key to time management is to treat our priorities like that water heater. 

Everything I do and every minute is mine to spend.

Rather than say I don't have time for x, y and z. It's actually I don't do x,y and z because it's not a priority. 

Laura gave the example of.. " I could tell you I don't have time to wash my blinds. But that's not true. If someone offered me $100,000 to wash them you could be sure I would get to them pretty quickly."

So it's not a matter of lacking time it's that I don't want to.

Why I don't get time for art? Well it's not that I don't want to. It's more about priorities. I don't feel I make it enough of a priority in my life. If fact sometime when I am doing my art I feel guilty because there are other things I  feel I should be doing, that I feel are more important. 

I let other things be more important and take over my time and be more important than the things I want to do and my goals. I feel like my art is for me so therefore it's not contributing enough to the household/ family to take priority. But is that really true? I should be placing more value on myself.

Laura says " We have the power to fill our lives with the things that deserve to be there." That's a powerful statement!

So how do we set strategies for what our priorities are.

Laura suggests we think of yearly performance reviews at work or those Christmas newsletters you write to your friends at the end of the year. But instead of waiting till the end of the year think about it now. What would your performance review or newsletter say if you were writing it now for next year. What would you put in it for it to be the most amazing year ever!

 What three to five things would make it a great year professionally, personally and for your family.

So what things would make me look back on this year and think, this has been an amazing year for me.

I think this would be a great exercise to do. 

Simple but powerful. 

You then have a plan for what you need to do for the next year.

Brake them in to small steps and then treat those steps as a priority. Funny when I do this Having a clean and tidy house doesn't rate very high on the priority list! But my art does.

Along with some of the other motivation talks I have been listening to lately this really got me thinking and made me pull my socks up and get on with those art show applications. 

 Some interesting facts that Laura quoted that could make us all think are.

There is 168 hours in a week.

If you are working 40 hours a week, sleeping 8 hours a night that adds up to 56 hours a week. That still leaves 72 hours a week. That's a lot of time. What are you doing with it?

Small moments can have great power. You can use small moments for bits of joy. Choosing to read something wonderful on the bus on the way to work. Look at the whole of ones time and seeing where the good stuff can go. We have time for what matters.

When we focus on what matters we can build the life we want in the time we have.

So I am trying to embrace this. As with everything it's easier to say than to do. But it is inspiring and made me think about how I want to be spending my time. I want to have an amazing year so I am taking steps to try and make that happen.

 That defiantly includes getting those paints out and working on improving my painting skills and getting my art out there and being seen.  

What would make it an amazing year for you? Do you need to make art a priority in your life too. If so, Get out those paints and Happy painting.




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