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Day 13, Building a Daily Art Habit. Get up early and fun abstract background.

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Today is day 13 of building  a daily art habit. Today I am doing a background for an autumn leaf picture. This background will represent water in an abstract way. Also the joys if getting up early. I may be saying that sarcastically, but seriously I do think it's a good idea. 

Sometimes I just want to play with paint. You know like a kid. Just enjoy the process. Not take it all so seriously. This kind of background really lets you do this as there is not a lot of control about the finial outcome. 

So just get out your paints and have some fun!

Now I have been trying to get up early so I can get everything done lately. First I got up a half hour earlier so I could fit in my bike ride in the morning. This has been fine. Only trouble is because I have filled this half hour with my bike ride I am not any further ahead with my morning. So I thought I would try an hour earlier. 

Oh dear this is more of a struggle and I'm finding myself tired all day. Also I still feel like I'm always rushing to get everything done. I'm thinking I must be doing this wrong somehow. Okay so I go watch a bunch of YouTube videos on how to get up early, get lots done and enjoy it. 

Yeh right! Umm maybe the problem is my hearts not really in it. I really would rather not get up early. But they say no one does, you just have to get on and do it. 

So I am doing it. They say over more than one video to work out what time you want to get up, figure out how many hours sleep you need then count back from there so you know when to go to bed. 

I forgot to do this. Which could be why I'm feeling tired all day. I need to go to bed earlier. Also maybe I just need to get used to getting up earlier as well.

I think also I need to be really careful about how I am spending that time in the morning. I want to be using that time productivity so I can get a jump start on the day. Maybe take another look at my morning routine. 

That means I get to do some planning! Great! Now I just have to be careful and not spend all my time planning instead of doing the things I'm planning for. 

I'm thinking that at the moment getting up early shouldn't be to hard. It's when the cold weather comes along, that it's going to be a bigger challenge to get out of my nice warm bed. If I can establish the habit now, I thinking it will make it easier later, when the mornings are cold to get up. 

So today I challenge you to get up early and go play with your paints. Have some fun and get a jump start on your day.

Happy painting everyone and see you tomorrow.

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