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Day 12, Building a Daily Art Habit. Don't let fear stop you. Landscape painting

Day 12, Do you let fear stop you following your art dream? Is dealing with criticism, even from yourself, keep you from moving forward? I found some great tips and insights that might help.

Today I will be painting a landscape that I took a photo of yesterday at the beach. I will be practising doing my cool lights and warm darks. I will also be really thinking about my focus of interest and putting that in first to set the tone for the rest of the painting. I wanted to do this painting while it's still fresh in my mind from yesterday, as photos never capture the feeling of being there. I actually now wish I had painted this one at the beach instead of what I did paint. But oh well, never mind. 

I will be trying to talk about Brene` Brown Talk on 7 Super tips That was on YouTube channel Equalman. 

I say trying because in the video I was finding it hard to talk about this and paint at the same time. So here might be the best place to get my thoughts down. Trying to concentrate on two things at once doesn't work to well.

Now I only had time this morning to watch 30 minutes of her talk but there was so much information in it that I found interesting. I didn't want to listen to anymore just then anyway, so I could absorb what I had already listened to.

She was talking about fear and dealing with Criticism. 

I think one of the biggest factors that hold me back in my art is fear. Fear of failing, fear of not being good enough. It's something I have always struggled with. Only now am I finally looking at that fear but doing it anyway. Because how can I ever be good enough if I don't do it. If I don't even try then isn't that failing anyway?

We all have things about ourselves that we don't like and our fear is others seeing those things and criticising us on them. Brene` says ask yourself what would you try if you knew that other people would never say that about you.

Those are the things that inspire you to stay small in your life ( in my art) just so you can avoid those things. 

Remind yourself it's not about winning or losing it's about showing up and being seen.

Tell yourself, This is who I want to be, I want to create, I want to make things that didn't exist before I touched them. 

I want to show up and be seen in my work and in my life.

I found these thoughts very inspiring. 

She also says that if you do show up and be seen there is only one guarantee. That is that you will get your ass kicked! 

So how do you deal with that and still keep going? If you are not failing you are not trying hard enough.

She uses the example of being in a dark tunnel and looking up into the light of where you want to be. You are imagining how great it will be when you get there but we are scared. So here is what we tend to do. We amour up. We shut ourselves off from vulnerability. We try to shut ourselves off from our self doubt, our anxiety and our uncertainty. But we are also shutting ourselves off from love, belonging, joy, trust, empathy, creativity and innovation.    

You have to put yourself out there so people can see what you have made and what you are doing.

We tend to focus on the critics, ourselves being one of the worst out there.

Telling ourselves that we are not good enough or if you are confident then telling ourselves, who do we think we are?

What am I doing that no one else is? What am I doing that's original? There are hundreds of people out there that can do what I do. There are lots of people who are better trained than I am. What am I contributing and does this really matter. 

Then you start comparing yourself with others.

There is also always that person in your life that devalues what you are doing. 

She says you can't just say I don't care what people think. Because that is shutting yourself off. When you shut yourself off you lose your capacity for connection. 

What is art if it's not connecting with others!

So she suggests acknowledging that those people and thoughts are there. I see you and I heard what you have to say. But I am doing it anyway! 

I do want constructive feedback but...

If you are not here with me trying to step out into the light of your dreams I don't want to hear your feedback.

She says you do need at least one person in your life that's on your side. That encourages you. Who will pick you up when you fail.

If you are not failing you are not really showing up. She says, Think of it this way, the world keeps going whether you show up or not. The critics are there whether worry about them or not. 

You being your worst critic just means you have to remind yourself of where you started. We have an ideal of what we are suppose to be.

Yes it's scary to show up and be seen. It's terrifying. But not as terrifying as getting to the end of your life and thinking

What if I had shown up.

 All these inspiring people I have been listening to lately are really making me think and getting me moving on getting those art show entries in. And wondering what else I can to to get my art seen. 

What are you afraid of doing in your art? I challenge you to take a step today towards doing that thing. 

Happy Painting!


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