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Day 10 Building a Daily Art Habit. Why you should share your work. Painting a Bumblebee.

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Day 10 of building a daily art habit. Thinking about going in that art show? Wondering if you should share your paintings?

The answers is, if you want to improve your painting then Yes you should. 

Nothing will make you step up your game more than knowing that other people will be looking at your work and judging it. You will want to do your very best work before putting it forward to be judged in an art show. 

It's a lot of pressure I know and can be scary. But think of it as an exercise in improving your art rather than entering an art show. If you don't get in, sometimes the judge will be helpful and give you some helpful hints on why the painting didn't make the grade. This has happened to me. It was really helpful. Once I had made the changes to that painting I could totally see how much better it was. The next time I showed that painting to someone I sold it! So worth going in that show even if I didn't get that painting in. 

If you do get in, then you get to see how your art work stacks up against others. If you can look at it objectively you can find this helpful. Now don't bet yourself up here about not being good enough. This is not the idea. What I'm saying is use it as motivation to improve. You can see if your art is on par with the rest of the paintings or if you think you could be doing better. If so, what do the other paintings have that yours seem to lack.

In this video I also touched on some points about doing your centre of interest. I'm not going to go into that here as I will be talking about this in a lot more detail in a later blog. I'll just say when you are composing your paintings ask yourself these questions.

What are you trying to say with this painting?

What's your story?   

What effect are you painting?

You are painting effects not things.

Sometimes I lose sight of this and start to paint things again, so it's always good to be reminded about this.

So think about where you can show people your work. Be brave and put yourself out there. 

Happy painting everyone.

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