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Day 1, Building a daily art habit. Introduction and why do I need to?

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Been out of painting for a bit? Don't paint as often as you would like? Need some motivation? Would like to make painting part of your daily routine?

Well so would I. So I have had a break from painting and are finding it hard to get back into. So I thought I would start this new YouTube series on Building a daily art Habit. That way you can join in and keep me on the straight and narrow as well. If I'm sharing my progress with you it will make me keep going. So for the next 30 days, ( which is how long they say it takes to create a habit.) I will be putting out a video on the painting I am doing and sharing with you my research on forming habits and achieving goals and other art advice I learn about in the next 30 days. 

I hope you will get your paints out and join me on this journey. You don't need to paint what I am painting, let inspire each other to just paint everyday.

So here is day one.


Just pick anything that means getting some paint on the canvas. Today I will be introducing you to the series and explaining why. 

I'm just painting edges today. But hey it's still paint on canvas and better than doing no painting at all!

 Don't forget to join me tomorrow for day 2

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