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ART: A great way to feel less STRESS

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Feeling stressed out and in no mood to paint, Well it could be just what you need to do to feel better.

After a week of many interruptions and lots of computer work that was not going well particularly in the last two days I was feeling very stressed this morning. Deciding to become a full time artist unfortunately doesn't mean I get to paint all day long, with it comes alot of marketing and figuring out where and how to do that. For me even using the computer has been a big learning curve. So this last year I have done a website, blog and various social media sites. Now I felt I was ready to try print on demand. Another new thing to learn . Have started a Redbubble account which wasn't to bad and have learnt a few photo editing tricks and although I still have things to learn was feeling pretty good about how I was doing. So then I thought "Okay that's not to bad maybe I could try some other one as well." I never learn "stop while you are ahead"

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I have been seeing artists on Facebook advertising their Zazzle accounts so went to check that out. Man what alot of products they have. After doing a bit of reading and watching how to videos on YouTube I was all set to give it a go and feeling excited about it. Well all I can say it's alot more complicated than Redbubble and those videos don't look the same on my screen as their's. Seemed to have sent hours trying to do something and getting pretty much nowhere. It will not bet me, I will figure it out in the end but it's been incredibly frustrating and no painting getting done at all.  

So this morning I was rushing around feeling stressed, lots to do and hours wasted. I was winding myself up tighter and tighter. Had made the decision that I needed to paint today so sat down to do so only to discover my desk was a mess. Kids making Christmas cards and my watercolours all mixed up.  So that then sorted I really wasn't in the right frame of mind to paint. Felt that I wouldn't be surprised if what ever I painted would come out a disaster more than likely. But I couldn't face anymore computer work and no way did I want to do the house work( that just puts me in a bad mood anyway.)

I hear people say that they need to be in the right mood to paint and before I went full time I was one of those people but when you are a full time artist you just have to paint anyway. So I got started on my seashells. Well this was a good lesson for me. I put on my music and got out my shells. Then just got on with it, leaving everything else to take care of itself for a bit. By the time I had finished I was feeling calm and relaxed. The stress had gone and I felt like I had taken a big breath of relief. I could face that computer again and things didn't feel so difficult.  

So now I will add to the list of the many reasons I love to paint. Stress release! There is a reason art is used for therapy.

So next time life is winding you up and starting to get on top of you, bring out your creative side and try some painting. Doesn't matter what it looks like just do it. Sometimes it's the process that's important not the end result. 

Watch me next year get completely confused about doing YouTube videos HA HA....


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