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A Day in the Life of a Working Artist and Mother.

acrylic autumn tree how to paint paintings picture tutorial

A day in the life of a working artist and mother.
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What does an artist do all day?
6:30am wake up, have a cup of tea and check social media, acknowledge any comments, follows or inquiries.
Do washing, make school lunches, take children to bus stop, take dog for walk. Neighbours dog coming too. Save neighbour’s dog from being attacked by other neighbour’s dog. Man that was stressful.
Hang out washing, eat breakfast while starting to write this post.
Finish my tea while answering a comment on Instagram. Look around hmmm- vacuuming needs doing, shower needs cleaning and the bed needs making. Maybe later- time to paint!

Painting time.
Walk over to art studio, sounds so flash when I say that!
Stare at painting I have nearly finished from yesterday. What else needs doing? Maybe some more darks. Might try some purple, okay that’s working. Now some more highlights, where do I want to focus the viewers’ attention? Careful don’t overdo it.
Think I like it, that bit looks a bit funny, think I will add more leaves.
Oh no I’m starting to fiddle. Time to stop and let it dry.

Moving on to the next one. Second autumn picture started yesterday.
Want a glowing effect looking up at the sky thru the trees.
Maybe sponge some yellow, now some orange, needs more blue in the sky. Better dry it first don’t want those colours to mix.
Take a photo of the first one and edit it to black and white to see how the tones are working. So far still happy with this one.

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Tidy edges of finished paintings while waiting for things to dry. Boring!
Okay back to second painting, now I have done the sky I need to go back and do the yellow glow again.

Have a look at some inspiration photos on Pinterest for this one. Sponge on some bronze and gold. Seeing glimpses of what I am going for. Now tree branches.

Distracted by patterns made in the water by the bronze paint, pretty!


Back to work.
More sponging and sky holes, do branches again.

Lunch time!
Take first picture home with me to stare at while I have lunch to see if I need to do anything else.
Check Facebook page while eating lunch, how do you get people to look at your business Facebook page anyway? Sigh! Maybe I should start doing YouTube videos?

Go look at Instagram instead, way more fun.

Painting again

Okay painting again, spray bottle work, let that dry. 

Sealing Finished Work.

While waiting seal some pictures that were painted two weeks ago. Scary so easy to ruin something.

Oh no too much glazing on this one and the seal it going strange. Quick wipe it off before it goes off! Okay just seal the rocks. Think I better spray vanish that one. Rest of the sealing goes well.

Back to painting, time to use a brush now. Painting leaves, highlights and darks. Keep going over it trying to get it working. Looking okay.
Do some more, oh dear that’s not so good, try something else, not sure I like that. Try some more, this is getting frustrating. Might need to leave this until tomorrow. I’ll think about it overnight.

Or maybe I can make this bit more of a focal point. Have run out of time, not sure about that focal point.

Painting time over
Youngest ones netball practice is cancelled so off to the bus stop to see if she comes home. Yes she does. What am I making for dinner? Better bring the washing in, now I will make that bed. Got 15mins till I have to take the youngest to dancing, might have a cup of tea.
Get back from dropping off youngest to dancing. Start dinner, clean bathroom, definitely scrub that shower. Work out what to paint at art group tomorrow, not that tree one I’ve been doing that’s for sure. Start typing this blog. Could take a while, I’m not very good at typing or computers but I’m learning.
Pick up child from dancing. Do some more dinner. Time to do new post for Instagram. Type some more of this while cooking dinner.
Greet parents welcome home after 8 weeks in the south island. Dinner is now over cooked and I forgot to do oldest child’s vegetarian bit. Wish she would grow out of this stage. Oh well eggs for her.
Dinner. Feed pets. Type some more.
Go relax and check Instagram. Look some lovely comments on my post. I love you all, you are so nice.
Lastly read up some art advice that might help me with my picture I did today.
Conclusion: Okay didn’t do my best work today, and if I can’t fix it I spent most of the day making a mess. But I am always hopeful it might look better in the morning. Still way better day than any other job I can think of.
Update: Next day still don’t like this picture, spent the next three days trying to fix it. Is now very different. I Actually kind of love it now. Different painting style than I have done before. Will maybe try that again. Just goes to show you should never give up.  What do you think?

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