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How did I paint that? Glowing trees and morning walk paintings of sunrise at the beach.

how to paint paintings

Insights into how an artist paints a glowing sunrise at the beach. Overcoming the problem of making your sunrise or sunset pictures really glow.

Waipatiki beach Morning Walk Photo

Waipatiki Beach, Hawkes Bay. My youngest being my model

We have been going here on holiday the last few years. In 2015 I took my pastels and did lots of sketching and took lots of photos. Got to wake up to some stunning sunrises.

The photos came out very orange as did my pastel sketch as I did the sketch from the photos.

When a painting is not working.

Pastel Sketch Waipatiki Beach sunriseHowever, when I came to paint this sunrise it just wasn't working for me this orange. It either looked too gaudy or the glow was lost in all that orange paint. I remembered that there was a lot more pink in the sky on the actual morning and if I looked carefully at the photo I could see blue sky at the top. So I played around with the colours on the photo edit on my camera. ( I only have a very basic edit on my phone so nothing fancy.) Until I felt happy with the mix of cool and warm tones. Back to painting.

The blues I used were very greyed down, this is the trick to really getting your orange and yellow colours to glow.

In "Morning walk" I decided it needed a person included on the beach, which wasn't in the photo (I seemed to be the only one up that early that morning) to give the painting more life. I asked my youngest to do a photo shoot for me, so I could get her proportions right in the painting (luckily I had decided this before we had finished our holiday.)

I really wanted the orange in" Glowing Trees" to stand out which of course it wouldn't if the whole sky was orange, So I was careful to keep those blues greyed down and not get any blue mixed in with the orange. I kept lots of blues and cool pinks compared to the amount of orange so the orange would really Glow. In the end, I was really pleased with the results in these two paintings. Just goes to show you should never give up just keep trying until it works! ( don't forget to sign up for my newsletter so you never miss a blog)

Here are the two paintings. This is the same morning just different ends of the beach.

Glowing trees acrylic painting for how to paint glowing sunsets blog by Goldstarwork, Artist Laura Wilson
Glowing Trees

Morning Walk

Morning Walk

Would love to hear your comments on what scenes inspires you to paint and what challenges you face when trying to paint them.



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