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How to paint a white Daisy, Very easy painting lesson

acrylic flower how to paint paintings

Learn how to paint these very easy but effective white daisies in this step by step acrylic painting lesson. Good for any artist level, beginner or more experienced. Learn how to paint some white daisy flowers to add to your next art project!
Daisy PaintingWhite Daisy Painting

Paint Colours I used are: tinting white, titanium white, cadmium yellow light, yellow ochre, raw umber, French ultramarine blue, pthalo green, and alizarine.

Step 1 First find an image of some white daises. ( And of cause don't forget to sign up for my newsletter so you never miss a new painting tutorial.)

 You can draw in a quick sketch of your picture with chalk if you wish. This is just a guide to where your main flowers will be so don't do any details.

Step 2 Mix Greens and Paint Leaves and Stalks.
White Daisy Step 1Mix some green shades of paint using the colours above, you want a range of lights and darks, vary the colour of the green as well. This is for the grass and stalks.

White Daisy Step 2

Using a fan brush rough in the main grass areas. Use a variety of greens that you have mixed to make it interesting. Using a liner brush and a mid-green put in stalks and longer grass. Use a dark green on shadow sides of stalks and light green on the highlight side. You could scribble some red and yellow bits for wild flowers if you wish, use the liner brush for this as well.

Step 3 Mix Flower Colours and Paint First Layer of Petals.
Mix some blue and tinting white to a mid-blue, paint in background petals. Vary the shapes and sizes, grouping some flowers together. Dry between layers from now on.
White Daisy Step 4

Mix in some more white to make a light blue add more petals leaving some of the darker blue showing. Dry.

White Daisy Step 5

Step 4 Painting the Middle of the Flower.

Now do the middles of the flowers mix some umber with red for the dark part first. Now add a mix of yellow and ochre leaving some of the dark showing. Add some highlight using yellow and tinting white mix.
White Daisy Step 6Step 5 Adding Highlights.
Using the same yellow and tinting white mix add highlight to sunny side of the petals.

White Daisy Step 8

Step 6 Put in the Details.

Mix some watery purple using blue and red. Add a few extra shadows very sparely.

White Daisy Step 9

Step 7 Finial Highlights.

Mix some titanium white with a little base colour and touch of yellow. This should be your lightest colour. Highlight a few petals on sunny side of some flowers to direct your eye where you want the viewer to look.
White Daisy Step 10

Stand back and look. Do you need to lighten the sunny side in places? Are there to many or not enough shadows.
Now go have a coffee and then check again.
Well done you are finished.

White Daisy Step 11  White Daisy Step 12

Comment below, What kind of flowers do you find challenging to paint?

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