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Framed by Nature, Tackle that First Commission.

Commission New Zealand paintings River

Find out how to tackle multiple commissions for the same painting. How to make the same painting four times but make each individual. Have happy clients and a good experience for your first commission.  

My first commissions! That turned into three.


Frame by Nature No. 2

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Have been painting all my life but have only gone full time since 2015 so lots of firsts for me coming up. Got to live paint at the quilt show here at Pukeora Estate for the first time. Another first for me. Pretty scary at first, I made sure I knew exactly what I was doing. But quilters all being artists themselves were very supportive and positive (thank you quilters and guests).
I got some orders for the same painting while there.( Not the one I was painting by the way.) So after explaining that they would all be a little different ( you couldn't paint them all the same anyway.) I set to painting them.


Framed by Nature Series

Paint them altogether so colours are all similar. 

I decided to try painting them all together lined up in a row. After mixing up enough paint for them all I set to. Having the colours pre-mixed helps alot and speeds up the painting time. It went surprisingly well. Never having tried painting pictures all at the same time before I wondered if it would feel a bit factory like. But no it didn't! They still felt very individual as each one was coming out a little different with each brush stroke. Just at the end I studied each one individually to see if any improvements needed to be made and put the finishing touches on.

Having Happy Clients.

The first clients came to pick up her painting. I decided to give her the choice which painting she would like. I admit I was curious which one she would choose. I lined them all up it a row and without telling her which was the original let her choose her favourite, did the same with the next two clients as well. Clients very happy with their choice (Big sigh of relief). Interesting enough the first two clients did not choose the original picture that had attracted them in the first place. I was careful to make sure the clients knew there would be no more of this little painting done so they wouldn't feel like it was being mass produced and they had still purchased a unique work of art from me.

 Framed by Nature No. 1 Framed by Nature No. 3

Exciting having a commission also a little nerve wracking. What if they didn`t like what I had done! But in the end very rewarding as well. I found this process of painting similar pictures together very useful and have used it since while trying out different sizes of the same subject. I think for me this will only work for the smaller sized canvases apart from the room you need to line them up I like to have sole concentration on a larger work. But this method helps with productivity. Which can be important when you are the only one creating the produce you are selling. Might write a blog post on being a more productive artist without selling out later.

Framed by Nature No. 4

The first client then came back and purchased the last picture in the series. The series has now sold out

I had also done a larger one of this picture to go into the Art-X show in Napier on 18th of June to the 3rd of July.

 I have also started my Facebook page and started Instagram. Really liking the ease of Instagram. Check it out at Goldstarwork on Instagram. I feel like I am well on my way toward achieving my new year’s resolution of getting my online presence sorted. 


Do you have any top tips for when you do a commission? Comment below would love to hear them.

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